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Gregg Laananen – Night on the Sun

Harris Harvey Gallery is pleased to present “Night on the Sun,” an exhibition of new works by painter Gregg Laananen. Laananen breathes life and color into the Pacific Northwest landscape with his visceral interpretations of mountain ranges, forests, and coasts, often experienced on the cusp between day and night, as the sun goes down.
The artist finds inspiration on his outdoor journeys, frequently in the woods. As he walks along the damp forest floor, he discovers the world of tiny glowing mushrooms, lichens and licorice ferns on an old cedar stump, or the continuous chatter of a creek in the mountains. These poignant revelations are somewhat like personal events that lead to drawings or oil sketches, and eventually larger paintings. Drawn from these moments, the artist’s attempt to paint the souls of these things is paramount to his artistic process.
Laananen shares, “My hope is to make paintings that are honest. I am only too lucky if they can be raw and rustic and smell of the earth. If I can accomplish this much, then I have conveyed meaning throughout the darkest months of winter, and the longest days of night on the sun.”

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