The artist discusses her new works from the exhibition “Under the Volcanoes”

2:43 – You Witnessed Mt St Helens erupting from your backyard in Portland. 40 years later, why does that event still resonate with you?

5:43 – Though volcanoes signify upheaval, they are accompanied y symbols of renewal, growth, and journey.

7:40 – Can you describe the process you use to make your monotypes?

10:55 – You are most known for your monotypes, but for the past few years you have started to exhibit acrylic paintings as well. What appeals to you about this medium?

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the eruption of Mount Saint Helens. Osgood witnessed this epic event from the deck of her house as a young adult. She experienced a powerful state of awe and wonder as ash filled the sky for hundreds of miles, and the top of the mountain was forever changed. As an avid climber, Osgood has summited the volcano on numerous adventures and appreciates its breathtaking power. Destruction, rebirth and cycles of nature are themes carried out in her acrylic paintings and monotypes shaped by this event. The exhibition includes Osgood’s signature still life monotypes that fuse abundance with vigorous color and joyous depictions of flowers, birds, and fruits.

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