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John McCormick – Wild Life and Other Topics

Harris Harvey Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition Wild Life and Other Topics by artist John McCormick. McCormick is a Northern California painter who is best known for his luminous landscapes of vast vistas featuring wetlands, hills and valleys, and the sea. McCormick’s oil paintings convey a sense of the sublime in nature and as such are a subjective response to nature rather than documentation of the world he sees. Using finely tuned compositional elements, and tonal color, McCormick creates work that is a synthesis of contemporary and classical impulses.

In addition to landscapes, the exhibition will introduce variations on the theme of the nature. McCormick’s recent work includes isolated elements of the natural world as the focal point, such as birds, and botanicals. Each image is first rendered within traditional means and is then deconstructed by degrees of aggressive paint application achieved with palette knives, rollers, and spatulas. The resulting effect juxtaposes a traditional, refined stylization with expressive painterly effects and elements of contemporary glitch art.

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