Enjoy a virtual tour of “Abstraction in the Real World,” an exhibition of new works by Karen Kosoglad at Harris Harvey Gallery in Seattle, Washington. Re-examining her roots as a painter, Kosoglad explores gestural abstractions based on observations of the landscape and studio still lifes, while merging her long-standing focus on the human figure into a new body of work. Her expressive style, which employs contour lines, painterly marks, and a moody color palette of bright, warm colors mixed with dark hues, exudes a mysterious harmony and contemplative attitude. The artist directly observes her real-life subjects, yet unravels that reality into visceral relationships between organic shapes and gestures. Also featured are “Highlights from Spring Exhibitions” including work by Joel Brock, John McCormick, Kim Osgood and Emily Wood. We are pleased to share with the public these highlights from recent exhibitions, which largely took place behind closed doors.


View the Virtual Tour here