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Terry Furchgott – Intimate Interiors: Women at Home

In the exhibition Intimate Interiors: Women at Home figurative painter Terry Furchgott’s new narrative work captures secret moments of women alone in the most intimate of domestic interiors, evoking with solitude and silence a mutual relationship between that space we call “home” and the person who inhabits it. Shining a light on the quiet power of the Feminine, these images transform personal daily rituals and those everyday domestic tasks often called “women’s work” into moments of great beauty and dignity. Furchgott’s painted borders add depth and complexity, both enclosing an intimate private setting and suggesting a wider world of imagination. The subtle yet vibrant hues, dense use of pattern, underlying structure of simplified, abstract shapes speak to the artist’s influence from both 12th century Persian miniature painting and the Post-Impressionists, particularly the French painter Édouard Vuillard.