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Fine art gallery exhibiting paintings, prints, photography, and sculpture

Thomas Wood
Flowers: Prints and Paintings
January 26 – February 25

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 2, 6 – 8 p.m.

Thomas Wood unveils a body of new floral paintings with a fantastical twist– flowers in landscapes inhabited by unlikely creatures. Recent works in oil are accompanied by a selection of exquisitely detailed intaglio prints, exploring ideas of plenitude and absence in Wood’s visual vocabulary of myth and metaphor.

Upcoming Exhibition:

Kent Lovelace
Birds and Wanderings
March 2 – April 1

Kent Lovelace presents new oil paintings featuring images of native Northwest birds, as well as local and European vistas, masterfully executed on copper. Lovelace wields the luminosity of the cooper base to produce radiant light in these atmospheric compositions.

John Cole
Collection of the Artist
January 5 – 21

The exhibition features works on paper from the Estate of John D. Cole, by the artist’s own hand and several by artists whose work he collected together with his wife, Lucille. This intriguing selection of landscape and the figurative works spans Cole’s activity over 30 years, and it includes pen and ink drawings, charcoals or conte crayon, oils, acrylics, pastels, and prints.