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Harris Harvey Gallery is open to the public. Temporary hours are Tuesday – Saturday from 11am to 5pm and by appointment.

We are implementing recommended measures to ensure the health and safety of both visitors and staff. The number of guests in our space is limited to encourage social distancing and we ask that all guests wear a mask for the duration of their visit. We so look forward to welcoming you to the gallery again!

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LOIS SILVER |Topsy Turvy

October 1 – 31, 2020

“Topsy Turvy”is an exhibition of new oil paintings by Seattle-based artist Lois Silver. Silver creates vibrant narrative paintings that often depict emotive social encounters between animated characters at parties, musical performances, diners, and in outdoor environments.  At times jubilant, other times subdued or curious, her paintings portray private and personal entanglements that create visual tension between her characters. Other scenes are focused on solitary figures engrossed in highly personal moments of triumph, deep thought or isolation. Lois Silver’s signature sense of humor is well represented. Many of her characters can be observed in humorous cheeky acts, such as feeding the dog under the table, in “No Dogs Allowed.”

These dynamic, yet personal tableaux are influenced by the artist’s love of cinema. She often captures her figures in a specific moment of drama, mid-pose as if they are in a frame still of a movie. Silver is a master of capturing gestural mannerisms, a practice that is informed by her professional experience as a courtroom artist. Silver states, “This causes me to look at people differently and focus my attention on how character is revealed through body language and the quick gesture.”

Upcoming Exhibition:

Linda, 7/22/20, 3:23 PM,  8C, 7954x8023 (44+1386), 100%, Repro 2.2 v2,  1/20 s, R85.8, G60.3, B75.9

Fall Perspectives – Group Exhibition

November 5 – 28

“Fall Perspectives”is  a group exhibition by Northwest & West Coast artists. The exhibition includes new works created during recent spans of isolation for many artists in their studios. This gathering of works includes a multitude of fresh perspectives, styles and mediums including: painting, photography, printmaking, and mixed media works.

Previous Exhibition:



India – Dreaming the World

September 3 – 26

Harris Harvey Gallery is pleased to present “India – Dreaming the World,” an exhibition of new paintings and etchings by Seattle-based artist Wendy Thon. Thon explores daily rhythms and captivating environments found in India, evoking a rich visual reserve from her travels there. For the artist, India offers a vibrant experience; immersed in culture, history, architecture, art and bountiful color. In Thon’s paintings, various elements: people, animals, and birds in concert with sculpture, architecture, trees, and flowers— are enmeshed in lively conversation.

Influenced by her physical surroundings as well as an intense personal vision Thon creates a feeling of intimacy in her work. She is known for her imaginative narrative paintings that are often based on her travel experiences. The artist portrays human and animal figures in architectural scenes or landscapes that strongly emit the ambience and culture of the locale.