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Harris Harvey Gallery is open to the public. Temporary hours are Tuesday – Saturday from 11am to 5pm and by appointment.

We are implementing recommended measures to ensure the health and safety of both visitors and staff. The number of guests in our space is limited to encourage social distancing and we ask that all guests wear a mask for the duration of their visit. We so look forward to welcoming you to the gallery again!

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Quiet Spaces

August 6 – 29

Harris Harvey Gallery is pleased to present “Quiet Spaces,” new paintings by Seattle-based artist Lisa Snow Lady. Snow Lady’s paintings reflect the quiet charm in everyday spaces and elevate the ordinary into the sublime. She finds inspiration in taking daily neighborhood walks that inform her paintings depicting urban life, local parks, and abundant gardens. Architectural elements frequently make their way into her works serving as backdrops for the drama of the play of light. In seeking out these quieter places she respites from the busyness of urban life.


Flattening and Form

August 6 – 29

Also featured in the gallery is the exhibition “Flattening and Form,” new paintings by Hiroshi Sato, a California-based artist. Sato is focused on contemporary realist oil painting. He draws influence from past and present artists including Vermeer, Degas, Andrew Wyeth, Edward Hopper and Chuck Close. His work reveals his interest in geometric design principles of the old masters. Sato embodies a fragmented perception of cultural references as he was born in Japan, and grew up in Tanzania, East Africa. His personal knowledge of Japanese culture is like a book – only read underwater, while his memory of African culture appears somewhat like a hologram. Rather than attempting to discern order of the two in clear fragments, he is interested in the vagueness.

LISA SNOW LADY – Quiet Spaces

 HIROSHI SATO – Flattening and Form

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Behind Closed Doors: Infinity

A virtual mini-exhibition of new works

Upcoming Exhibition:



India – Dreaming the World

September 3 – 26

Harris Harvey Gallery is pleased to present “India – Dreaming the World,” an exhibition of new paintings and etchings by Seattle-based artist Wendy Thon. Thon explores elements of myth, ritual and daily rhythms found in India, evoking a rich visual reserve from her travels there. For the artist, India offers a vibrant experience; immersed in culture, history, architecture, art and bountiful color. She observes a layered beauty in weathered surfaces everywhere, as well as verve in the ever-present human and animal interaction.

In Thon’s diptychs, each of the panels contains various elements: people, animals, and birds in concert with sculpture, architecture, trees, and flowers—and the panels themselves are in conversation with one another. Thon has pursued an exploration of the fluid, multi-layered natural and divine elements of India to convey the “rapture of being alive.”

Influenced by her physical surroundings as well as an intense personal vision Thon creates a feeling of intimacy in her work. She is known for her imaginative narrative paintings that are often based on her travel experiences. The artist portrays human and animal figures in architectural scenes or landscapes that strongly emit the ambience and culture of the locale. Thon seeks a universal human chord that transcends borders.

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Abstraction in the Real World

July 2 – August 1

Harris Harvey Gallery is pleased to present Abstraction in the Real World, new works by Karen Kosoglad. Re-examining her roots as a painter, Kosoglad explores gestural abstractions based on observations of the landscape and studio still lifes, while merging her long-standing focus on the human figure into a new body of work. Her expressive style, which employs contour lines, painterly marks, and a moody color palette of bright, warm colors mixed with dark hues, exudes a mysterious harmony and contemplative attitude. Regardless of subject matter, her bold compositions show a dynamic pulling and pushing between representation and pure abstraction, induced with unexpected syncopated rhythms of form and weight. Kosoglad meets abstraction in the real world—layers of complexity and emotion are revealed in her work. The artist directly observes her real-life subjects, yet unravels that reality into visceral relationships between organic shapes and gestures.

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Highlights from Spring Exhibitions

July 2 – August 1

Also featured are works from our Spring exhibitions including west coast artists: Joel Brock, John McCormick, Kim Osgood and Emily Wood. We are pleased to share with the public highlights from recent exhibitions, which largely took place behind closed doors due to concerns for public health.