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From Here to There and Back Again

Through May 30

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Tacoma native, Emily Wood explores lands that are most familiar to her in order to discover them in new ways. Her paintings portray scenes of mountain lakes, tree-lined ridges, winding rivers, coastal views, and cultivated fields from Oregon to Montana to Eastern and Western Washington. She depicts them with varied brush technique, and dynamic compositions. Wood’s oil paintings are characterized by a saturated palette, simplified shapes and deepening shadows.


Upcoming Exhibition:


Under the Volcanoes

June 4 – 27


 This year marks the 40th anniversary of the eruption of Mount Saint Helens. Osgood witnessed this epic event from the deck of her house as a young adult. She experienced a powerful state of awe and wonder as ash filled the sky for hundreds of miles, as the top of the mountain was forever changed. As an avid climber, Osgood has summited the volcano on numerous adventures and appreciates its overwhelming power. Destruction, rebirth and cycles of nature are themes carried out in her acrylic paintings and monotypes influenced by this event.

The exhibition also includes Osgood’s signature still life monotypes that celebrate abundance with energetic color and joyful depictions of flowers, birds, and fruits. Bonnie Laing-Malcolmson, Curator of Northwest Art at the Portland Art Museum, writes, “Her brightly painted works capture fleeting moments in time, to remind us of life’s fragile, transient beauty.” Each image also acts as an autobiographical still life, recording the artist’s day by documenting the flora, fauna, and objects that she comes in contact with near her home and studio.

To create her monotypes, Osgood uses a viscosity resist printmaking technique that entails making a complete painting on a Plexiglas plate. Brightly hued oil-based inks are brushed on, but then while the plate is still wet, she rolls more color over the surface, which resists the other pigments, creating additional layers, depth, and texture. A single pass through an etching press records the entire image, an impressive feat, particularly with paper sizes up to 44 x 30 inches.

Previous Exhibitions:

March 5 – 28


Wild Life and Other Topics

To view the exhibition virtually click here.

Also featured:

Joel Brock: Selected Works

To view the exhibition virtually click here.

John McCormick is a Northern California painter who is best known for his luminous landscapes of vast vistas featuring wetlands, hills and valleys, and the sea. His oil paintings convey a sense of the sublime in nature and as such are a subjective response to nature rather than documentation of the world he sees. Using finely tuned compositional elements, and tonal color, McCormick creates work that is a synthesis of contemporary and classical impulses. In addition to landscapes, the exhibition will introduce variations on the theme of the nature, such as birds, and botanicals. Focusing on a singular element offers a closer study and deeper union with those often overlooked parts of our everyday conversation with the world around us. Each image is first rendered with a traditional, refined stylization and is then deconstructed with painterly effects by degrees of aggressive paint application achieved with palette knives, rollers, and spatulas.

Also featured are collectible works by artist, Joel Brock (1961- 2013). Utilizing pastel, charcoal, graphite, acrylic, and gesso, Brock created light-filled compositions based upon observations of architecture, still life, and the landscape. Important to him were the possibilities a given subject affords to play with light, shape, and form. His tendency toward abstraction, especially in his later works, is evident in compositions with strong geometry and gestural mark making.