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Current Exhibition

David W. Simpson | The West: A Fragment

Kathryn AltusNew Paintings

June 1 – July 1

Traveling east to Wyoming to find ‘the American West,’ David W Simpson takes an archeological approach, collecting sagebrush, cow dung, bones, branches and dry grasses to create photograms and molded paper works. The abstracted impressions of these found objects play upon our cultural conceptions of the Western wilderness, influenced by cowboy movies and the Marlboro Man.

Kathryn Altus’ new oil paintings explore the majesty of the Pacific Northwest landscape. Working from memory and alluding to the history of the region, Altus creates ethereal compositions with subtle gradations of color and a sense of near-infinite space.

Upcoming Exhibition


Christine Sharp

Wilder Places
July 6 – 29

Seattle-area painter Christine Sharp melds abstraction with representation of the landscape in vivid oil paintings that interpret the topography of the Northwest. Sharp translates scenes with bold color and pattern. The effects are fragmented forms arranged into harmonious compositions resembling the land.

Previous Exhibition

Emily Wood

Wandering Down the Road
May 4 – 27

Emily Wood presents Wandering Down the Road, an exhibition featuring vibrant paintings of the West’s diverse terrain, strikingly rendered in oil. Over two decades, Wood has visited and painted wild and rural areas of Washington, Montana, and Idaho. Her paintings shift with the transformative effects of season and light.