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Current Exhibition


Gregg Laananen

The Chenoweth Group
October 5 – 28

Featuring a new series of oil paintings by Gregg Laananen, best known for his neo-expressionist interpretations of Pacific Northwest landscapes, “The Chenoweth Group” reflects Laananen’s recent experimentation with heightened levels of abstraction.

Upcoming Exhibition


Lois Silver

Inside and Out
November 2 – December 2

Seattle-based painter Lois Silver exhibits vivid oil paintings with arresting visuals
portraying interior and exterior scenes with the vibrancy and personality
characteristic of her oeuvre.

Previous Exhibition


Ed Kamuda

Cabin and a Dream
September 7 – 30

Turning simple forms into meaningful and enigmatic landscapes, Ed Kamuda’s new work continues the internally symbolic and reverential nature of his previous paintings, while continuing to explore and translate the quasi-spiritual experience of the Pacific Northwest landscape.