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Current Exhibition



Topsy Turvy

October 1 – 31, 2020

Harris Harvey Gallery is pleased to present “Topsy Turvy,” new oil paintings by Seattle-based artist Lois Silver. Silver creates vibrant narrative paintings that often depict emotive social encounters between animated characters at parties, musical performances, diners, and in outdoor environments.  At times jubilant, other times subdued or curious, her paintings portray private and personal entanglements that create visual tension between her characters. Other scenes are focused on solitary figures engrossed in highly personal moments of triumph, deep thought or isolation. Lois Silver’s signature sense of humor is well represented. Many of her characters can be observed in humorous cheeky acts, such as feeding the dog under the table, in “No Dogs Allowed.”

These dynamic, yet personal tableaux are influenced by the artist’s love of cinema. She often captures her figures in a specific moment of drama, mid-pose as if they are in a frame still of a movie. Silver is a master of capturing gestural mannerisms, a practice that is informed by her professional experience as a courtroom artist. Silver states, “This causes me to look at people differently and focus my attention on how character is revealed through body language and the quick gesture.”

Upcoming Exhibition

Fall Perspectives – Group Exhibition

November 5 – 28

“Fall Perspectives”is  a group exhibition by Northwest & West Coast artists. The exhibition includes new works created during recent spans of isolation for many artists in their studios. This gathering of works includes a multitude of fresh perspectives, styles and mediums including: painting, photography, printmaking, and mixed media works.

Previous Exhibition



India – Dreaming the World

September 3 – 26

Harris Harvey Gallery is pleased to present “India – Dreaming the World,” an exhibition of new paintings and etchings by Seattle-based artist Wendy Thon. Thon explores daily rhythms and captivating environments found in India, evoking a rich visual reserve from her travels there. For the artist, India offers a vibrant experience; immersed in culture, history, architecture, art and bountiful color. In Thon’s paintings, various elements: people, animals, and birds in concert with sculpture, architecture, trees, and flowers— are enmeshed in lively conversation.

Influenced by her physical surroundings as well as an intense personal vision Thon creates a feeling of intimacy in her work. She is known for her imaginative narrative paintings that are often based on her travel experiences. The artist portrays human and animal figures in architectural scenes or landscapes that strongly emit the ambience and culture of the locale.


Quiet Spaces

August 6 – 29

Harris Harvey Gallery is pleased to present “Quiet Spaces,” new paintings by Seattle-based artist Lisa Snow Lady. Snow Lady’s paintings reflect the quiet charm in everyday spaces and elevate the ordinary into the sublime. She finds inspiration in taking daily neighborhood walks that inform her paintings depicting urban life, local parks, and abundant gardens. Architectural elements frequently make their way into her works serving as backdrops for the drama of the play of light. In seeking out these quieter places she respites from the busyness of urban life.


Flattening and Form

August 6 – 29, 2020

Also featured in the gallery is the exhibition “Flattening and Form,” new paintings by Hiroshi Sato, a California-based artist. Sato is focused on contemporary realist oil painting. He draws influence from past and present artists including Vermeer, Degas, Andrew Wyeth, Edward Hopper and Chuck Close. His work reveals his interest in geometric design principles of the old masters. Sato embodies a fragmented perception of cultural references as he was born in Japan, and grew up in Tanzania, East Africa. His personal knowledge of Japanese culture is like a book – only read underwater, while his memory of African culture appears somewhat like a hologram. Rather than attempting to discern order of the two in clear fragments, he is interested in the vagueness.




Abstraction in the Real World

July 2 – August 1

Harris Harvey Gallery is pleased to present Abstraction in the Real World, new works by Karen Kosoglad. Re-examining her roots as a painter, Kosoglad explores gestural abstractions based on observations of the landscape and studio still lifes, while merging her long-standing focus on the human figure into a new body of work. Her expressive style, which employs contour lines, painterly marks, and a moody color palette of bright, warm colors mixed with dark hues, exudes a mysterious harmony and contemplative attitude. Regardless of subject matter, her bold compositions show a dynamic pulling and pushing between representation and pure abstraction, induced with unexpected syncopated rhythms of form and weight. Kosoglad meets abstraction in the real world—layers of complexity and emotion are revealed in her work. The artist directly observes her real-life subjects, yet unravels that reality into visceral relationships between organic shapes and gestures.

Also featuring:

Highlights from Spring Exhibitions

July 2 – August 1, 2020

Also featured are works from our Spring exhibitions including west coast artists: Joel Brock, John McCormick, Kim Osgood and Emily Wood. We are pleased to share with the public highlights from recent exhibitions, which largely took place behind closed doors due to concerns for public health.



Behind Closed Doors: Infinity

A virtual mini-exhibition of new works

Hart James seeks to bring the infinite quality of nature to form on the canvas.


Painting by Kim Osgood


Under the Volcanoes

June 4 – 27

 This year marks the 40th anniversary of the eruption of Mount Saint Helens. Osgood witnessed this epic event from the deck of her house as a young adult. She experienced a powerful state of awe and wonder as ash filled the sky for hundreds of miles, as the top of the mountain was forever changed. As an avid climber, Osgood has summited the volcano on numerous adventures and appreciates its overwhelming power. Destruction, rebirth and cycles of nature are themes carried out in her acrylic paintings and monotypes influenced by this event. The exhibition also includes Osgood’s signature still life monotypes that celebrate abundance with energetic color and joyful depictions of flowers, birds, and fruits.



From Here to There and Back Again

Through May 30

Tacoma native, Emily Wood explores lands that are most familiar to her in order to discover them in new ways. Her paintings portray scenes of mountain lakes, tree-lined ridges, winding rivers, coastal views, and cultivated fields from Oregon to Montana to Eastern and Western Washington. She depicts them with varied brush technique, and dynamic compositions. Wood’s oil paintings are characterized by a saturated palette, simplified shapes and deepening shadows.

John McCormick


Wild Life and Other Topics

To view the exhibition virtually click here.

Also featured:

Joel Brock: Selected Works

To view the exhibition virtually click here.

March 5 – 28, 2020

Opening Reception: First Thursday March 5, 6-8 p.m.

John McCormick is a Northern California painter who is best known for his luminous landscapes of vast vistas featuring wetlands, hills and valleys, and the sea. His oil paintings convey a sense of the sublime in nature and as such are a subjective response to nature rather than documentation of the world he sees. Using finely tuned compositional elements, and tonal color, McCormick creates work that is a synthesis of contemporary and classical impulses. In addition to landscapes, the exhibition will introduce variations on the theme of the nature, such as birds, and botanicals. Focusing on a singular element offers a closer study and deeper union with those often overlooked parts of our everyday conversation with the world around us. Each image is first rendered with a traditional, refined stylization and is then deconstructed with painterly effects by degrees of aggressive paint application achieved with palette knives, rollers, and spatulas.

Also featured are collectible works by artist, Joel Brock (1961- 2013). Utilizing pastel, charcoal, graphite, acrylic, and gesso, Brock created light-filled compositions based upon observations of architecture, still life, and the landscape. Important to him were the possibilities a given subject affords to play with light, shape, and form. His tendency toward abstraction, especially in his later works, is evident in compositions with strong geometry and gestural mark making.



Night on the Sun

February 6 – 29, 2020

Opening Reception: First Thursday, February 6, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Harris Harvey Gallery is pleased to present “Night on the Sun,” an exhibition of new works by painter Gregg Laananen. Laananen breathes life and color into the Pacific Northwest landscape with his visceral interpretations of mountain ranges, forests, and coasts, often experienced on the cusp between day and night, as the sun goes down.

The artist finds inspiration on his outdoor journeys, frequently in the woods. As he walks along the damp forest floor, he discovers the world of tiny glowing mushrooms, lichens and licorice ferns on an old cedar stump, or the continuous chatter of a creek in the mountains. These poignant revelations are somewhat like personal events that lead to drawings or oil sketches, and eventually larger paintings. Drawn from these moments, the artist’s attempt to paint the souls of these things is paramount to his artistic process.



Select artworks drawn from private collections
and artist estates of the Northwest

January 9 – 25, 2020

Opening Reception: Second Thursday, January 9, 6 – 8 pm

Provenance Sundays: special hours January 12 & 19, 11 am – 4 pm

Harris Harvey Gallery is pleased to present Provenance. This exhibition gathers together a unique selection of artworks drawn from private collections and artist estates in the Northwest. The provenance of an artwork typically captures the object’s history of ownership all the way back to the artist’s studio. This includes significant exhibitions and venues in which the artwork has been seen, and collections or collectors’ hands in which it has belonged. Frequently, the story of an artwork’s life is an intriguing supplement to its aesthetic charms.



BLUE: Landscapes of the Northwest

Also featured:

Small Works: Group Exhibition

December 5, 2019 – January 4, 2020

Opening Reception: First Thursday, December 5, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Artist Talk with Hart James: Saturday, December 14 at 1 pm

In Blue: Landscapes of the Northwest, Hart James explores the inherent connection between the individual and their home, the Earth. James paints with a deep knowledge of the Northwest Mystics. She paints in an abstract manner to carry this tradition forward to the present. James’s work speaks of the energy of nature—the current of the water, the flow of the air over us, and the rock formations that form the foundation under our feet.

Also featured at Harris Harvey Gallery is the Small Works: Group Exhibition. These collectible pieces by west coast artists are perfect gift opportunities for the Holidays. The exhibition will include a wide array of subjects, styles and mediums including: painting, photography, printmaking, and mixed media works.

EME_In the Silence_LP2019_web


Everything Changes, Every Thing Dreams

November 7 – 30, 2019

Opening Reception: First Thursday, November 7, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Artist Talk: Saturday, November 9 at 1 pm

Harris Harvey Gallery is pleased to present Charles Emerson, Everything Changes, Every Thing Dreams. Emerson is a Pacific Northwest painter who creates richly hued abstract paintings that describe ethereal and atmospheric spaces. Embracing color as the foundation of his work, Emerson builds his compositions by applying layers of subtly varied tones that shift with light. His paintings contain terrestrial forms, celestial shapes, and painterly marks, each depicting an emotive microcosm with every varying palette. His paintings are reflections on personal experiences and an engagement with the concept that “nothing ever stays the same.” Emerson uses painting both as a visual diary—recording places, significant moments, and interpersonal interactions—as well as a part of a spiritual search where one can transcend the here and now.



Above and Below

Three Decades of Work

October 3 – November 2

Opening Reception: First Thursday, October 3, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Harris Harvey Gallery is pleased to present Ed KamudaAbove and Below, including work spanning a period of three decades (1994-2016). Established artist Ed Kamuda creates abstractions that reveal a reverence for nature and a mystic bent that link him to Northwest School of painters such as Guy Anderson, Morris Graves, and Mark Tobey. The Pacific Northwest forests, Cascade Mountains and fields of rural Washington, especially the Skagit Valley are the inspiration for his works. He is known for his use of simplified shapes that symbolically and pictographically convey the essence of the natural landscape and the human experience. Form and line are reduced to primitive, bold elements, sometimes playful, but ever sophisticated.




September 5 – 28

Opening reception:  First Thursday, September 5, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Harris Harvey Gallery is pleased to present BLOOM, by Richard Hutter. Seattle painter and printmaker, Hutter, creates abstract works with a bold graphic sensibility. Unified by an ongoing exploration of organic forms seen through an architectural lens, the work combines a range of mediums: painting, collage, printmaking, and drawing. Over his career, Hutter has constructed a unique visual language of floral shapes and clean, repetitive forms created using drafting tools. His vocabulary conflates minimal and pop aesthetics with nostalgic languages of images and writings from textbooks and encyclopedias. With a fondness for “found” imagery, Hutter often incorporates engineering texts and diagrams for mechanical objects that contrast with the florid and bulbous shapes he overlays. The artist’ love of surface, texture, and pattern dominates formal issues, symbolic, or conceptual concerns.

Leafy nest f32-1-3, 4/24/06, 12:28 AM,  8C, 8000x8558 (0+2100), 100%, Objects 11,  1/40 s, R74.3, G61.3, B82.8

Studies in Nature: Photographic Views

Aug 7 – 31

Opening reception:  Second  Thursday, August 8, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Harris Harvey Gallery is pleased to present Studies in Nature: Photographic Viewsa group exhibition that examines beauty and complexity in nature through contemporary and antiquated photographic processes. Subjects explored include: the enduring landscape, underground ecosystems, delicate botanicals, bird portraits, intricate nest studies, and expressions of cyclical balance, order and disorder reoccurring in nature. Artists include: Peter de Lory • Joe Freeman Jr • Melinda Hurst Frye • Daniel J Gregory • Tara McDermott • Ron Reeder • Darryl Edward Schmidt • David W Simpson • Michelle Smith-Lewis • Peggy Washburn • Gina White

Richard Hutter, Two Brazil Nuts, found-paper collage & acrylic on panel, 10"x10"

Summer Reflections

A Group Exhibition

July 5 – Aug 3

Opening Reception: Second  Thursday, July 11, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Harris Harvey Gallery is pleased to present Summer Reflections, A Group Exhibition encompassing a wide swath of subjects, styles and mediums including: painting, photography, printmaking, and mixed media works. Artists include: Kathryn Altus • Terry Furchgott • Richard Hutter • Ed Kamuda • Karen Kosoglad • Gregg Laananen • Peter de Lory • John Lysak • John McCormick • Richard Morhous • Linda Jo Nazarenus • Kim Osgood • Christine Sharp • Lois Silver • David W Simpson • Lisa Snow Lady • Wendy Thon • Emily Wood • Thomas Wood

Carole Barrer - Harris Harvey Gallery


Carole Barrer & Mark Butler

June 6 – 29

Expanse highlights two artists who explore space and color through meditations on nature, Carole Barrer and Mark Butler. Barrer’s paintings convey a sense of natural phenomena with interplay of color. Small intricacies of nature such as a wisp of cirrus cloud, transformed by changing light; filtered green sunlight in a deep forest; breeze rippled water; the variegated fur of a dog’s haunch are abstractly portrayed in her works.

Inspired by the sublime qualities of nature, Mark Butler’s atmospheric landscape paintings reveal his creative vision through loose layers of calligraphic brushwork that create pictorial depth which is both intimate and expansive. Subtle traces of color and form suggest a hillside, dense foliage, or the water’s edge attuning the viewer to memory, meditation, and meaning that is open for interpretation.

Terry Furchgott_Secret Life of the Home_FM

Terry Furchgott

Intimate Interiors: Women at Home

May 2 – June 1

Harris Harvey Gallery presents Intimate Interiors: Women at Home by figurative painter Terry Furchgott. This narrative work captures secret moments of women alone in the most intimate of domestic interiors, evoking with solitude and silence a mutual relationship between that space we call “home” and the person who inhabits it. Shining a light on the quiet power of the Feminine, these images transform personal daily rituals and those everyday domestic tasks often called “women’s work” into moments of great beauty and dignity.ation.

Christine Sharp


April 4 – 27

In Wander, Seattle-area artist Christine Sharp shows recent oil paintings that meld abstraction with representation of the landscape. Her vivid paintings interpret the topography of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Through use of bold color and pattern she translates her scenes. Fragmented forms are arranged into harmonious compositions, where unconventional shapes and colors that interlock to ultimately define the scene.

Richard Morhous

The Color of Light

March 7 – 30

Ever-inventive and experimental, Seattle artist Richard Morhous will be exhibiting a new collection of paintings within The Color of Light dominated by active line work informed by the process of drawing. A testament to the power of color and his ability to render dynamic light, the artist’s newest works are explorations of urban spaces and geometric forms which balance on the cusp of abstraction and minimalism.


John Lysak & Kent Lovelace

Natural Dialogue

January 24 – March 2

Harris Harvey Gallery presents Natural Dialogue, a dual artist exhibition celebrating the works of Northwest artists John Lysak and Kent Lovelace (1953-2017). Exploring the natural world through the media of printmaking and painting, the artists maintained a symbiotic relationship throughout their professional careers as both colleagues and friends.

Thomas Wood

Northwest Landscape Paintings and Early Prints

December 6 – January 19

Harris Harvey Gallery is pleased to present Northwest Landscape Paintings and Early Prints, which brings together two spheres of Thomas Wood’s artistic production. Recent oil paintings of the Washington landscape are exhibited alongside a collection of prints from early in his artistic career. Intaglio printmaking and oil painting are pursuits that he maintains simultaneously, balancing the meticulous detail of copper plate etching with the looser touch of his painterly oils.