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Current Exhibition


Kent Lovelace

Birds and Wanderings
March 2 – April 1

Kent Lovelace presents a new body of oil paintings on copper with imagery central to his artistic identity: local landscapes, European vistas, and bird species native to the region. Lovelace wields the luminosity of the copper to produce radiant light in these atmospheric compositions.

Upcoming Exhibition


 Charles Emerson

Color Meditations
April 6 – 29

Charles Emerson embraces color and process as the foundation of his paintings, which range from atmospheric compositions reminiscent of landscapes to non-representational color fields. Strongly engaged with color, texture, and movement, Emerson uses the emotional energy of a personal encounter, place, or philosophical question as a point of origin for his work.

Previous Exhibition

Thomas Wood

Flower: Prints and Paintings
January 26 – February 25

Thomas Wood unveils a body of new floral paintings with a fantastical twist– flowers in landscapes inhabited by unlikely creatures. Recent works in oil are accompanied by a selection of exquisitely detailed intaglio prints, exploring ideas of plenitude and absence in Wood’s visual vocabulary of myth and metaphor.