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Hiroshi Sato


California-based artist Hiroshi Sato is focused on contemporary realist oil painting. He draws influence from past and present artists including Vermeer, Degas, Andrew Wyeth, Edward Hopper and Chuck Close. With interest in the geometric design principles of both the old masters and new masters, Sato creates similarly complex environments with computer-generated 3D models, to suit his painterly needs. This digital world contains multitudes of scenes and objects from which he bases his paintings. Exploring the boundaries of representational painting, Sato implements a kind of fan fiction based on past representational paintings, using art historical references to create his own compositions. He includes paintings and objects in the scene to allude to a set pictorial narrative. Each painting, contains paintings, posters, objects, and gestures of other artists. Some viewers may recognize the references, while others may not, allowing each viewer to actively participate in the malleable interpretation of one piece.