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Lois Silver – Topsy Turvy

Harris Harvey Gallery is pleased to present “Topsy Turvy,” new oil paintings by Seattle-based artist Lois Silver. Silver creates vibrant narrative paintings that often depict emotive social encounters between animated characters at parties, musical performances, diners, and in outdoor environments.  At times jubilant, other times subdued or curious, her paintings portray private and personal entanglements that create visual tension between her characters. Other scenes are focused on solitary figures engrossed in highly personal moments of triumph, deep thought or isolation. Lois Silver’s signature sense of humor is well represented.

These dynamic, yet personal tableaux are influenced by the artist’s love of cinema. She often captures her figures in a specific moment of drama, mid-pose as if they are in a frame still of a movie. In her paintings, the features of her figures are playfully abstracted or endowed with exaggerated proportions to heighten visual interest. The era of her narratives could suggest the 50’s or 60’s, with dapper men in suits, and women in colorful polka dot dresses, not to mention the charming polka dotted dogs.

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